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Class Schedule

Six week series starts from April 2nd week to May 8th week




7:30pm Beginner Pilates with Lauren

6 week series- pre-registration required


10:30am Hatha Flow Yoga with Cassandra

6 week series- pre-registration required

6:00pm Beginner Yoga with Cassandra

6 week series- pre-registration required


11:15am Beginner Pilates with Lauren

6 week series- pre-registration required

6:00pm Yoga/Pilates Fusion with Lauren

6 week series- pre-registration required

7:30pm Build & Breathe Pilates with Lauren

6 week series- pre-registration required


2:00pm Energetic Detox Meditation with Lisa

April 2nd & May 7th

Commonly asked studio questions:

Do you host virtual classes online?

Virtual classes are available for every class upon request by leaving a note in your appointment when you book in.

What is the latest time to register for a class?

You have up to 1 hour prior to the class time to register online.

How do we pre-register for a class series and pay?

For signing up for a class series pre-register for the first class. The 6 class series pass ($100.00) will be received upon your arrival of your first class. We will automatically add you to the 6 week series.

Do we have to be apart of a series to attend a class?

You can join any series class online. If the class is full you will be notified when trying to pre-registering online.

If we do not have a yoga mat of our own can we still attend the class?

If you do have a mat please bring it as well as a water bottle. If you forget or do not have one we can lend you a mat and water is available.

Studio Class Descriptions

Beginner Yoga

In this 6 week beginners series we will focus on expanding your knowledge of yoga poses, proper alignment, and how to incorporate breath with movement. Become in tune with your body, and strengthen your mind-body connection. Together we will work through difference sequences and flows. You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself, while simultaneously learning more about yourself and your body.  Open to all levels.  

Beginner Pilates

Beginner Pilates teaches you how to get in tune with your body so you can perform movements effectively. Learning the foundation exercises will not only leave you feeling stronger but it will also give you more mobility (in shoulders, spine, and hips). Exercises will start small and build. First we prime the muscles so they are fluid and stable, then we move on to toning and strengthening the muscles. This leads to more control for better movement on and off the mat. If you experience low back pain Pilates is for you!  Level 1 class

Build & Breathe Pilates

Lauren is a certified mat Pilates teacher. Her passion for Pilates stems from her long history as a competitive ballet dancer, training under The Royal Academy of Dance. With precision and grace, she focuses on the mind-body connection to enhance mobility and stability, while toning and leaning out the body. Lauren does this by incorporating movements in to her classes that stretch and release the muscles so they are prepared to be toned. Level 1-2.

Energetic Detox Meditation

The Meditation class will focus on clearing out stagnant/dense emotional energy, support the physical body and fortify your energy body to create a state of inner harmony from which to cultivate optimal health. An energetic detox to get your energy body flowing optimally which positively impacts all aspects - emotional, physical and mental - as your energy body is intricately connected to your entire being. The goal of the session is to have you feeling clear, renewed and lighter - as if a weight has been lifted.


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