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Workshop Description


What is a sound bath?


A deeply-immersive, listening and meditative experience that uses sound to invite healing and restoration to the mind and body.


There are many different types of instruments used within a sound bath. However, Release Into Bliss will consist of 2 different kinds of singing bowls. Tibetan singing bowls, and crystal singing bowls.


During a sound bath the vibrations from the bowls lead you into a deeper state of relaxation, shutting off our body’s fight or flight response. It is believed that the vibrations emitted from the sound bowls help to raise our bodies frequency, in turn bringing about health and enhancement to our minds and bodies.


Some major benefits of south baths include:

-Releasing negative energy

-Releasing stress, tension, and anxiety

-Release serotonin (feel-good hormone) & endorphins (natural pain reliever), which in turn help keep blood pressure and heart rate stable

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